Milk Liqueur

Milk Liqueur

Sometimes you come accross a somewhat strange recipe and when I saw this I was fully intriged by it. A liqueur based on raw milk? The name alone is enough to grab one’s interest.

This is not a creamy drink like Bailey’s or whatever, no, it’s raw milk combined with liquor, sugar and most importantly lemon. The acid from the lemon causes a thickening of the milk solids and the liquid that’s left behind gives the liqueur a consistency and weight that can not be reached by alcohol and sugar alone.

When you’re making this liqueur for the first time, after adding all the ingredients together and have a look to it after a couple of days, don’t be scared. As soon as the lemon begins to do what’s it supposed to do on the milk solids, it becomes deformed in a strange way. But after a few weeks (after shaking it every day), when you separate the liquids from the solid substance, you’ll find out the scaring part and patience were worth the experience.

Serve ice-cold as a dessert drink or aperitif.


Recipe Milk Liqueur

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 0.5 liter

Recipe Milk Liqueur


  • 250 ml wodka
  • 250 ml RAW milk
  • 200 gr granulated sugar
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • zest of 1 lemon


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a preserving jar.
  2. Shake well and set aside in your refridgerator.
  3. Shake the jar every day during minimal 2 weeks.
  4. After 2 weeks sift the liqueur, use a double layered cheesecloth. This will help to catch the milk constituents.
  5. Transfer to a clean bottle.
  6. Store in fridge of freezer.


Note: Remains for months provided that kept in fridge !!

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