Hazelnut Dacquoise

Hazelnut Dacquoise


In a previous message that I’ve posted on my site, I showed you that I had prepared delicious Chocolate Almond Butter. Some of you might be thinking, she must have eaten that stuff all in one time. Nothing could be less true. I admit that this creamy chocolate butter with grinded almonds very much invites to excessive consuming, but in this regard I’m always able to control myself pretty well. Sometimes ‘less is more’ and therefor I just leave it at tasting (as befits an artisan baker) before I’m going to use it for one of my recipes.

Today I’ve kept myself busy with preparing a dacquoise in which I have incorperated this particular chocolate almond butter. It’s not surprising if you’re perplexed by the term dacquoise (pronounced ‘dahkwahze’). While the term is used fairly frequently in the world of cake decorating, the definition is not quite clear: Is it a specific type of dessert, or is it a type of cake that is used as a component? Well, in fact both terms can be considered as correct.

Dacquoise is named after the inhabitants of Dax, a city in the southwest of France and occasionally it’s also called Palois, named in reference to the inhabitants of Pau, a neighboring town. Dacquoise is a meringue with a sponge-like structure in which very finely chopped nuts have been mixed and which is piped into a certan shape with a piping bag (usually in the shape of a disk). After that, they’re baked in the oven at low temperature. This makes it crispy on the outside like a meringue should be, but also soft and moist on the inside, making it a typical dacquoise. The disks are often layered with butter cream, sweetened whipped cream or ice cream to turn it into a complete cake.

A popular version is the classic French dacquoise. It consists of layers of almond or hazelnut dacquoise alongside chocolate or praline paste and that’s precisely the version which I have prepared. Obviously my homemade chocolate almond butter came in very handy.

Some say in French dacquoise means ‘takes the whole day to prepare’ , well actually that is not quite true. There is quite a bit of work and attention required however, to make a dacquoise to a success, but as far I am concerned, the end result has been worth it and the taste of it can be entitled as heavenly. Just try it yourself and you will find out how heavenly….


Hazelnoot Dacquoise


Recipe Hazelnut Dacquoise

Prep Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours

Yield: 1 Dacquoise with a diameter of 8 inches

Serving Size: approx. 6 persons

Recipe Hazelnut Dacquoise


    Meringue Disks
  • 150 gr egg whites
  • 150 gr granulated sugar
  • 150 gr hazelnuts
  • 20 gr cornstarch
  • Butter Cream
  • 150 gr vanilla pudding (SEE RECIPE)
  • 150 gr soft butter
  • 65 gr chocolate almond butter (SEE RECIPE)
  • Finish
  • hazelnuts for filling and garnish (quantity to choice)


    Meringue Disks
  1. Roast and grind the hazelnuts to a powder with a food processor (make sure to keep a certain amount of hazelnuts in reserve after you've roasted them but before you start grinding them, for using it for the filling and garnish at the finishing stage) .
  2. In a bowl beat the egg whites with the mixer until stiff and add the sugar little by little until firm.
  3. With a spatula, mix the hazelnut powder and the cornstarch with the egg white/sugar mixture.
  4. Preheat the oven to 170°C or 338°F.
  5. Take a sheet of parchment paper and mark with a pencil the desired size of two meringue disks (use a pot lid for example as a measure).
  6. Fill a piping bag with the mixture.
  7. Pipe 2 spirals of the mixture within the drawn circles
  8. Bake the disks for 25-30 minutes.
  9. Allow the disks to cool completely (the outside must be crisp, the inside still a bit tough).
  10. Butter Cream
  11. Prepare the vanilla pudding ACCORDING THIS DIRECTION.
  12. Prepare the chocolate almond butter ACCORDING THIS DIRECTION.
  13. Mix the butter with the vanilla pudding and chocolate pasta in a bowl with the mixer and beat until fluffy.
  14. Finish
  15. Fill a piping bag with the butter cream.
  16. Spray a spiral on 1 meringue disk (make sure you keep a quantity of butter cream in reserve for garnish).
  17. Roughly chop the remaining roasted hazelnuts in a food processor.
  18. Sprinkle the butter cream with the chopped hazelnuts (quantity to choice).
  19. Carefully press the second meringue disk on it.
  20. Take your piping bag with the remaining butter cream and pipe butter cream dots on top of the Dacquoise.
  21. Garnish with the remaining chopped hazelnuts (quantity to choice).


NOTE!! For the Vanilla Pudiing, prepare approx. ⅓ of the original recipe and for the chocolate almond butter, prepare approx. ½ of the original recipe.


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